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Create amateur and professional videos in stunning high definition formats from scratch using various media

Create amateur and professional videos in stunning high definition formats from scratch using various media

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Program license: Paid

Program by: Pinnacle Systems

Version: 25

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Program by


Pinnacle Systems


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With Pinnacle Studio HD, you'll have access to every tool you might need in order to make custom movies. This video editing app is powerful enough to produce movies for professional utility or at-home enjoyment. When you first open Pinnacle Studio HD, you'll be able to view a sample video project that showcases the true potential of the software.

While Pinnacle Studio HD is far from the most attractive video editing app on the market, it is one of the most helpful and useful. There are a number of tutorials available online for this software, and you can find help files within the app itself. You'll even be able to watch a brief video introducing the software and what it can do. Like most advanced content editors, there are numerous features and tools you can use, and all that can be a bit overwhelming for a new user.

Fortunately, Pinnacle Studio HD makes it as easy as possible to use this sophisticated software. The tools are simple, effective, and intuitive. Drag-and-drop functionality is supported for every editable item in the app, which makes curating a final video a breeze.

Using Pinnacle Studio HD is quite simple. First, you must find the media files you wish to use in your video. Drag them from their default location into the app window and place them in the video timeline. You can alter the order of clips after they have been added to the timeline if necessary. To the left of the timeline, you'll see a series of icons arranged vertically. These icons are used to add transitions, sound effects, text, and much more. If you apply one of these elements, it will be clearly added to the timeline in the appropriate location. This helps with editing a single file in multiple sessions. As you make changes, you can view them in real-time thanks to the preview window.

It wouldn't do much good to create amazing movies without the ability to share them. With the Make Movie option in Pinnacle Studio HD, you can export movie files directly to the internet. You can also burn them to a disc or save them in a number of formats.

One of the downsides of Pinnacle Studio HD is that the app isn't particularly simple to install, and the process takes quite a bit of time. Once installed, the app is unsurprisingly taxing on your system resources. Of course, this tends to be true for any app that performs media-intensive operations like photo or video editing.

Even with the few downsides to this software, it still provides an excellent middle-ground between intuitive use and professional utility. If you are a beginner or intermediate movie maker, this software will help you bring your creative vision to life.


  • Highly Intuitive
  • Decent Transitions
  • Produces HD Content
  • Includes Sample Files


  • System Resource-Heavy
  • Unappealing Interface
  • Slow Installation